Sunday, August 21, 2016

#IAmTriDelta Balanced

Rebecca Burnett is a junior, public relations major from Mobile, Alabama. She currently serves as Tri Delta's Continuing Education Chairman and on Recruitment Team. Rebecca is also involved with Southern Miss's Catholic Student Association. 

Rebecca believes that Tri Delta has helped her to grow as an unselfish leader.
"Tri Delta has given me such a strong work ethic. I am learning to balance two positions, working, going to class and still having time for my friends and family. I have learned to serve where I need to serve in our chapter and go the extra mile to make sure that something is done right."

She believes that Tri Delta is unique because of our passion for St. Jude. 
"Our philanthropy means something different to each of us, but at the end of the day we are all united by our love for the work they do at St. Jude."

Saturday, August 20, 2016

#IAmTriDelta Brave

Emily Welch is a sophomore, nutrition major from Hattiesburg. She is a Luckyday scholar and in the Honors College. 

During recruitment, Emily saw that Tri Delta is genuine.
"At other houses, I was just another girl, another resume. The women in Tri Delta truly wanted to be my friend. They cared about my best interest."

Tri Delta has helped Emily to become more brave. 
"Because of the women in Tri Delta, I have left my comfort zone, and leaving your comfort zone is the only way to truly grow. I am so thankful for a sisterhood that has pushed me to try things I might not have tried on my own."

Friday, August 19, 2016

#IAmTriDelta Growth

Marley Atkins is a sophomore, nursing major from Purvis, Mississippi. She is a Luckyday scholar and a former Southern Miss cheerleader!

Marley chose to run home to Tri Delta because of her conversations during recruitment. 
"Coming through recruitment, my value was family. I was looking for a group of women who will support me and I saw that in Tri Delta. I had more than just surface-level conversations when I came here. I watched the members act like a family and truly care for one another. I wanted to be a part of that."

Marley believes that she grows in Tri Delta because of the support system she has.
"Tri Delta gives you a group of women that you can go to and talk to about anything. I have learned a lot about myself in the past year. I have learned responsibility and balancing a busy schedule. I have grown spiritually, and I have found love in our philanthropy, St. Jude."

Thursday, August 18, 2016

#IAmTriDelta Courageous

Alexis Peters is a sophomore, biology major from right here in Hattiesburg. On campus she has been involved with the Student Government Association and Eagle Ambassadors. In Tri Delta, she currently serves as our Chapter Correspondent.

Alexis believes that Tri Delta is unique because of our leadership.
"This chapter is filled with unselfish leaders who are all working for Tri Delta as a whole, to better everyone else."

Alexis has grown to become more courageous because of Tri Delta.
"I am Tri Delta courageous because our chapter has pushed me to do things I would not have normally done. They've encouraged me to get out of the comfort bubble I was in, in high school."

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#IAmTriDelta Adventurous

Carrie Anne Sims is a junior, english major from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She currently serves as the New Member Educator. For the first few weeks, before a new member is initiated, Carrie Anne serves as their liason to relay all important information to them and prepare them for initiation.

On campus, Carrie Anne is involved with the Student Government Association, Honors College and has taken two different study abroad trips.

Carrie Anne believes that Tri Delta is unique because of the active role we play to better our chapter daily.
"Each member has taken the pledge to make Tri Delta better in their eyes. Each member is growing on the inside to make their experience a great one. Phi Epsilon pushes you to be the best version of yourself. My friends encourage me to study with them, to play intramurals with them and to my best in everything I do."

Tri Delta has helped Carrie Anne to become more adventurous.
"I have been pushed outside of my comfort zone to go after things I probably would not have done before. Tri Delta gave me the courage I needed and I am not afraid to fail anymore."

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#IAmTriDelta Loving

Adriana is a sophomore, elementary education major from Gulfport, Mississippi. On campus, she has been involved with the Student Government Association in Freshman Associates and she is a Luckyday scholar.

Adriana believes that Tri Delta is unique because of how genuine our members are.
"One of the main things that I noticed during recruitment was how everyone in Tri Delta truly cared for each other and for our philanthropy. We don't just raise money for St. Jude for the numbers, we are looking to make an impact."

She believes that Tri Delta has helped her to grow with love.
"Tri Delta has shown me how to understand the true meaning of how to be a sister and a friend. With Tri Delta, I am surrounded by members that love and support me. I have grown in compassion to do the same to those around me."

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#IAmTriDelta Stable

Sara Dao is a sophomore, bio chemistry major from Biloxi, Mississippi. On campus, Sara is involved in the Vietnamese Student Association and she is apart of the Honors College.

Sara believes that Tri Delta is unique because of the opportunity to branch out and meet new people that you may not have been friends with otherwise.
"I am allowed to leave my comfort zone and meet more people. Tri Delta has a lot of different girls with different personalities and we all get along really well."

Sara brings her stable personality to Phi Epsilon.
"I have great listening skills and a calm character. I want to be there for others when they run into problems and need to vent. I will always be here for Tri Delta."